Aktivate and it’s music believe in “Live and let others live”

Aktivate is a Calgary based Reggae band led by a Jamaican-Canadian who has been creating and performing songs for many years.

Aktivate’s early days were spent exploring ideas and direction, both musically and thematic, while developing material for performance and recording.

Aktivate has shared the stage as an opening act for some of Jamaica’s greatest performers such as Culture, Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, Shaggy, and the Wailers.

Aktivate is once again greeting the stage after been absent from it for some years, and is now looking forward to performances and releasing songs for the world to enjoy and be introduced to its style of rhythm and lyrics. The Music reflects the band’s outlook on life and concern for all People. With a wish for peace, unity, and justice.

Aktivate writes and performs for the love and joy of sharing its compositions with its audience.  Above all, Aktivate aspires to maintain the objective of upstanding, positive music ideas, and behaviour.